Thursday, September 5, 2013

MI or MU?

So many people have loved the "Monsters" movies for years, but which one is better? Well, let's think about it.

"Monsters Inc." is a really good family movie, and so is the new "Monsters University". "Monsters Inc." has the story about Mike and Sulley that have pretty easy-going lives until Boo comes in to the monster world and Mike and Sulley are trying to get her back in the human world.

"Monsters University" is about Mike going to his dream college and enrolls in the School of Scaring. But when this hotshot monster Sulley jumps out of Mike's window chasing a scare pig, that is when Mike's life is changed forever. After they both get kicked out of the Scaring program, they join the Oozma Kappa fraternity in the Scare Games.

So which one is better? The first movie shows comedy along with love. The second movie shows determination and friendship. So, my guess would probably be...{drumroll please} Monsters University! I think that because it shows that teamwork along with friends, even if they are a bunch of screwballs, can make you a great team. Even if you do something wrong, you got friends looking behind your back saying that they don't care how bad you do, just that he or she is nice to me and we will still be friends. That's my personal opinion.

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